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Press & Reviews:

Mame at Stoneham Theatre:

"The cast proved it was ready to give the audience a top-notch night of entertainment. "Mame" was fantastically danced by the Ensemble, proving to be one of the best numbers in the show." - OnStage

"Scene stealers include Serge Clivio as Gregor, the tres gay assistant in the beauty salon." - Theater Mirror

"The Ensemble puts polish, spit and shine on a series of production numbers." - On Boston Stages

"The Ensemble knows their way around a musical score and execute the choreography with vim and vigor." -

The Boys from Syracuse at Commonwealth Shakespeare Co.:

"Commonwealth Shakespeare ends their season on a high note with The Boys from Syracuse. In collaboration with the Boston Landmarks Orchestra, CSC closed its season with an extremely well-attended show at the Hatch Shell." - The Boston Globe

"Commonwealth Shakespeare continues to delight audiences with The Boys from Syracuse. It was truly a memorable evening on the Esplanade." - The White Rhino Report

Podcast Interview on This is a Thing? Your New Favorite Artcast

Serge had the pleasure of being interviewed by Kerri Wilson on her New England podcast series. This is a Thing? is a podcast series that interviews different theatre artists in the New England are. You can subscribe on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @kerripod.

Check out the link below to listen to Episode 23 - Serge Clivio:

Sweet Charity at Stoneham Theatre:

"The ensemble steps up to the challenge of Fosse in "Rich Man's Frug," delivering crisp, playful combinations with precision and panache." - The Boston Globe

"The ensemble trips the light fantastic in "Rich Man's Frug," and captures the inherent spirit and joy in "I'm a Brass Band." They are a talented unit of singers and dancers who showcase Ilyse Robbins' Fosse-inspired choreography with style." - BroadwayWorld

"The best of the dance numbers? Perhaps the stirring anthem "I'm a Brass Band" with Dunleavy fronting an energetic quartet of male dancers." - On Boston Stages

"You'll be entranced by an ensemble cast that simply dazzles, whether in a lowdown dancehall, glitzy dane club or hippie church under a bridge." - Wicked Local

"There is a lot to like about this production. The dance ensemble bowled the audience over a number of times." - Stage Whispers

The Light in the Piazza at Next Door Theater:

"Mr. Clivio used his hesitant gait, posture, halting broken English phrases, gestures, facial expressions and his penetrating eyes to paint a nuanced picture of an Italian teenage hell bent on winning Clara, no matter what it would take." - The White Rhino Report

"As Fabrizio, Serge Clivio brings fine vocal technique..." - Al Chase

"[Clivio] distinguishes himself by the quality of his acting as he sings and woos Clara." - The White Rhino Report

"The music is gorgeously sung... Clivio, with a gorgeous tenor voice, passionately sings 'Il Mondo Era Vuoto.'" - ArtsImuplse

"It was a delightful evening that was well worth the trip to Winchester - and to Italy." - Al Chase

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street at Lyric Stage Co.:

“The cast are wonderful actors and singers, filling the stage and performance space with Sondheim's hauntingly evocative minor chords and complex harmonies.” – White Rhino Report

“The ensemble members play the townspeople, those who patronize the pie shop and the barber shop, and the lunatics who reside in Fogg's Asylum. However, the elite eight—Rishi Basu, Teresa Winner Blume, Shonna Cirone, Serge Clivio, Christina English, Sarah Kornfield, Aaron Michael Ray, Matt Spano—collectively comprise another "character" in the play that has a constant presence—a Greek Chorus, in effect. And, oh, the voices in that chorus! Their impact cannot be overstated nor sufficiently praised, but Veloudos and Goldberg have molded them into a cohesive force that does justice to Sondheim's incredible and challenging score.” – Talkin’ Broadway

“The production maintains a vise grip on you. Spiro Veloudos expertly intensifies the shadowy, claustrophobic aura while ratcheting up the suspense in Act 2.” – The Boston Globe

"You owe it to yourself to 'attend (this) tale,' a marvelous production of a true masterpiece." - South Shore Reviews

“Director Spiro Veloudos and musical director Jonathan Goldberg have pulled out all the eerie stops on this one. You'll get goosebumps with the opening number, “The Ballad of Sweeney

Todd,” sung by a strong (and scary) ensemble cast. – Cape Cod Online

Singin' in the Rain at Reagle Music Theatre:

"The show's cast and crew have infused this Singin' in the Rain with heart, soul and boundless amounts of energy... The choreography by Eileen Grace and Kirby Ward will lift you out of your seats." - On Boston Stages

"An outstanding production of this musical treat! Nothing anywhere compares with Don's fantasy stint in "Gotta Dance," the sublime drenching dance to the show's theme song, and the ensemble's umbrella twirling, tapdance finale. It may be raining on stage, but theatergoers have a lilt to their feet and a lift to their spirits." - Theater Mirror

"5 stars! An absolute home run from start to finish." - Boston Events Insider

Me and My Girl at Reagle Music Theatre:

"Cynthia Thole directs and recreates the Broadway choreography, which is the best thing about this show. The dancing is crisp, precise, and even thrilling!" - Boston Arts Review

"The dance numbers (especially the tap dancing) will make you yearn for the days of Gene Kelly on the silver screen. The ensemble will also have you whooping and hollering for more, and the perfectly pitched vocals and choreography tricks will make you fearful of blinking." - Boston Events Insider

"Reagle's production of Me and My Girl felt like royalty due to tip-top ensemble dancing." - Entertainment World

South Pacific at Reagle Music Theatre:

"Rising Waltham Star Primed for South Pacific" - WCAC Television

Interview Link:

"Superb vocals and passionate performances... This show rivals and exceeds any Broadway touring company's production." - Boston and Beyond

"The supporting cast members do topnotch work in their singing and dancing numbers...this is a Broadway caliber show." - Theater Mirror

Les Misérables at Reagle Music Theatre:

"...the Ensemble helped to fill the stage with life at all times, ably becoming whomever they needed to become to fill the stage with personality and ambiance. Ensembles are often forgotten – this one cannot be so." - New England Entertainment Digest

"The ensemble is where the talent really shines. They collectively tell the story beautifully, with the appropriate humor, grit, and pathos. They understand how they fit into the story and step in multiple characters (often different ages and classes each time) with seamless ease." - Entertainment World

Fiddler on the Roof at Reagle Music Theatre:

"Well choreographed dancing and fine ensemble singing... The show is an absolute delight." -

The White Rhino Report

"What Reagle can do that other theaters can't is stage a show like Fiddler on the Roof... It is a Miracle of Miracles indeed!" - Boston Arts Review

"Terrific... A first rate production of a classic American musical." - Boston Events Insider

My Fair Lady at Reagle Music Theatre:

"My Fair Lady is topnotch and terrific. It is certainly the must see show of the summer!" - Theater Mirror

"The ensemble is brilliant. I could've watched the 'Ascot Gavotte' over and over again. This is by far the scene-stealing moment of the show." - Boston Events Insider

"The ensemble dances, acts, and sings the heck out of the show-stopping number, 'Get Me to the Church on Time.' They practically bring down the house." - Boston Arts Review

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